Irene Josey

Irene Josey, Larimer County Treasurer

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Larimer County Treasurer’s Office

  • Treasurer, 2015-current
  • Chief Deputy Treasurer, 1988-2014
  • Administrative Staff, 1986-1988

Colorado County Treasurers’ Association

  • President, 2017-2018
  • Committees
    • Legislative
    • Budget
    • Continuing Education
    • Seminar Planning

Community Engagement

  • The Center for Family Outreach, Treasurer
  • Animal House, Volunteer
  • Timberline Church, Member

Promised & Met Prior Campaign Goals

  • Continued safe investments of public funds
  • Upgraded tax collection software
  • Expanded taxpayer customer service
  • Continued to provide high level of customer service, under budget, every year!


My husband Andy and I have two children and four grandchildren. We enjoy living and working in Larimer County. Andy recently retired after serving 35 years in local law enforcement, and currently works for a private company. We enjoy our family, running, and our two Yorkshire Terriers.

It has been an incredible pleasure working for you as your elected county treasurer. I have appreciated your support and ask for your support and vote again.

Thank you.

Irene and Andy Josey

Irene & Andy Josey


Irene Josey for Larimer County Treasurer
  • Continue safe investments of public funds
  • Continue to provide a high level of customer service, under budget, every year
  • Implement enhancements to current systems through technological advancements to save taxpayer money.


Local Press Endorsements

October 4th, 2018

Fraternal Order of Police - Lodge 3, Lodge 4 and Lodge 52

August 26, 2018
I have had the pleasure of working with Irene for the past 8 years. The first time I met Irene, she was referring to her tabbed, dog-eared copy of the Colorado statutes-exemplifying excellence in all that she does. Irene is a tireless leader and a ‘go-to’ person for her peers and colleagues for answers to the tough questions. Also, Irene is a leader with a servants heart; she is collaborative, smart and her experience is unparalleled. Please continue to put your trust in Irene this November.

Diane Holbert
Douglas County Treasurer 2010-2018
Douglas County Commissioner 2018- present

August 26, 2018
As a long-time associate of Larimer County Treasurer Irene Josey, I enthusiastically endorse her re-election bid. I have had the pleasure of working with Irene for many years, as we both served residents of Larimer County as elected officials. Irene is an experienced, knowledgeable, and valued leader in Larimer County government. As a Larimer County Commissioner, I have relied on Irene’s expertise and knowledge as our Treasurer – to fulfill her mission to successfully manage our funds and to carefully ensure that your tax dollars are safe and available when needed. Irene is experienced, accountable, and I trust her with Larimer County’s money. Please join me in supporting Irene Josey for Larimer County Treasurer!

Lew Gaiter
Larimer County Commissioner 2008-present

April 17, 2018
“I have known Irene Josey since the 1980s — when she was already serving as the Larimer County Treasury Chief Deputy Treasurer. Now, she has almost completed her first term as our County Treasurer having been elected without opposition in 2014. I credit Irene with commitment to her professional responsibilities at the Larimer County Treasury for 32 years without straying from her sincere desire to serve with prudence and temperance. Irene Josey exemplifies leading by example, and thorough sound judgment. I enthusiastically support her reelection as our Larimer County Treasurer.”

Bob Schaffer
Former U.S. Congressman

May 1, 2018
“When you search for a financial planner, do you trust your money to a neighbor down the street or a friend of a friend who just wants to learn the market, or do you seek out someone who’s got a proven track record of results? The answer is obvious, you seek out an expert with proven results. As citizens of the county, we are presented that same choice when we elect a county treasurer, the person entrusted with hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer money.

In November of this year, you will be asked to make that decision and the choice couldn’t be more obvious. For the last 32 years, Irene Josey has been serving in the County Treasurer’s Office, including the last 4 years as your elected County Treasurer. Irene is a rock solid professional, who has decades of experience handling and protecting our hard earned tax dollars.

I’ve witnessed how Irene’s expertise has benefitted the citizens of Larimer County during the natural disasters of 2012 and 2013. While my office was battling wildfires and rescuing survivors from the floods, Irene assured that county reserves would be readily accessible to keep the critical resources flowing. I can’t imagine how those disasters would have been amplified if we had not had such an expert as Irene protecting our public treasury.

2018 provides us the opportunity to assure we retain a dedicated, proven financial professional as our County Treasurer.

Join me in supporting Irene Josey as Larimer County’s Treasurer!”

Justin Smith
Larimer County Sheriff

April 16, 2018
“I left the Larimer County Treasurer’s Office in great hands in 2014. I had no doubt Irene Josey would do a fine job as treasurer, and I was right. She continues to take the lead in technology advancements and supervises the staff with compassion and fairness by setting the example to follow. Irene has a successful history with and works very well with the other county departments and commissioners to further Larimer County’s commitment to our residents. She has 32 years’ experience with the Treasurer’s Office; 26 years as the chief deputy. Irene is intelligent and capable, and has the commitment to continue her service to you as your Treasurer. Please join me in supporting Irene Josey for reelection as Larimer County Treasurer.”

Myrna Rodenberger
Larimer County Treasurer

April 2, 2018
“Beyond a doubt, Irene Josey has proven herself as a very capable and qualified individual in her position as Larimer County Treasurer. As my Chief Deputy Treasurer for 16 years, and as current Treasurer, she continually finds ways of providing better customer service to the taxpayers, saving tax dollars where possible. In all she does, Irene exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness. There is no one better to serve you as County Treasurer.
I enthusiastically endorse her re-election for Larimer County Treasurer.”

Charles L. Woodward
Larimer County Treasurer

May 18, 2018
“Your Larimer County elected leaders are sincerely dedicated to their professional roles and duties. The importance of having a professional treasurer managing taxpayer funds cannot be overemphasized. We found out how vital this was when we had required funds readily available to complete flood repairs because of Treasurer Irene Josey’s management ability. Irene has many years of experience leading our county Treasury and managing the county’s investments successfully. I believe she is the clear choice to continue leading our Treasury and I am honored to endorse Irene as the Treasurer candidate to support this year.”

Steve Johnson
Larimer County Commissioner

May 24, 2018
“I have known Irene Josey for 15 years through the Colorado County Treasurer’s Association. During most of that time she served as the Chief Deputy of the Larimer County Treasurer’s office and is now completing her first term as Treasurer. Irene has a depth of knowledge about both the Treasurer’s office and the State Statutes which govern that office that few in the state can match. I have always found Irene to be professional in her appearance and demeanor. She is respectful, intelligent and holds herself and the people around her to high moral and ethical standards. When I am hiring someone I ask three things: 1) Can they do the work? 2) Do they play well with others and 3) Do they understand what they are doing? Well under those standards I would hire Irene Josey anytime. She is all of that and a dedicated public servant who puts the needs and interests of the public above that of her own. Irene’s colleagues in the Colorado County Treasurer’s Association thought so highly of her that they elected her to be their Association President in 2017, a role she continues in until the annual June 2018 meeting. She has served well and honorably. Therefore, I can without reservation highly recommend that the people of Larimer County should again elect Irene Josey to continue the great work for which the Larimer County Treasurer’s office is known for all over the State of Colorado.”

John Lefebvre
Weld County Treasurer


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